Registration for 2022/2023

Existing Members

Existing members are always welcome back and will have the first chance to register for next year. Registration for existing members is open now, please click here

Group Changes 

Due to a shortage of leaders SYD 7's is not currently running but has been combined with SYD Jrs, If you are currently going to be in year 7 please register here. There will be a cap on the number of year 7s we can accept, if we are unable to accept you this year, you will then be waitlisted until next year  

Waiting List Members

At SYD we hold a waiting list for those who have shown an interest or been unable to get into a group in the previous year. On 20th August we will open registration to those who have their name on the waiting list.

New SYD Juniors and Seniors Members

On the 1st September any remaining spaces in Seniors and Juniors will be opened up to the general public.

Group Details

We cap membership numbers at 50 for SYD Seniors, 40 for SYD Juniors. This is based upon our leader to child ratios to ensure everyone is safe. Fees for this year will remain as last year, £140 for Juniors and Seniors for the year. For more information or for financial support please contact

We kindly ask that payment is made prior to the start of SYD.