The Patronage Scheme

Running costs at SYD are high, and only getting higher. We're very grateful to those who pay just £20 a year to support the group, and help fund opportunities for our fantastic young people. In return, we offer priority ticket booking a month ahead of public sales.

Get involved!

If you would like to become a patron of the group, please contact Dawn, or speak to any of our other SYD leaders. It's as easy as making your £20 donation to the group and giving the name you would like credited, and that's it!

Will it really help?

Yes! Your contribution could make a huge difference to the group. Patronage could help cover the cost of costumes for a show but could just as easily pay for several members subscriptions, maintenance of tech gear and insurance for an entire SYD group!

The SYD Patrons for 2023/24

Richard Banks

Mariann Bienz

Malcolm Bithell

Mark Bond

Gary Bonner - Honorary Patron

Pauline Case

Valerie Catton

David Dobson

Bernie Flood

Dawn Furbank

Gareth & Lucy Furbank

Clare Irwin

Lin Lee

Mark Long

Janet Macleod - Honorary Patron

Pearl Mann

Alan & Judy Oswald

Beryl Pople

Sandy Powell & Anne Wade

Kate Rainsford

Amelia Riordan

R Taylor

Marian Watson

Neil Watson

Steve Williams - Honrary Patron