SYD Juniors

SYD Juniors - School years 8 & 9

High School Musical
High School Musical

Loserville 10th-12th May

1971. Michael Dork has it all; friends, brains, ambition. The only catch? He's a total loser. Join the slackers from high school as they race to send the world's first email, make it through the day without being beaten up, and understand that great mystery... girls.

High School Musical

Rehearsals The story so far...

We're hard at work in Loserville setting scenes, singing songs and learning dances. On the road to Easter we're hoping to have all of the dances and songs sorted before we break - so far so good!

Out There

High School Musical Our 2017 production

All the drama of High School, with a whole heap of singing and dancing thrown in! You can read NODA's review here.

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