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SYD 7s

SYD 7s

Launching January 2022


Due to staffing issues and a need to re-evaluate how our groups operate, SYD 7s will not be launching until January 2022. You can however register today via the homepage to be ready for when we get started! We will be communicating the details of how we plan to run SYD 7s nearer the time, but we still aim to give our 7s a performance opportunity.

About SYD 7s

In 2008 a group of former SYD members went into primary schools to provide performing arts for year 6 students. The following year SYD 7s was launched and put on their first production of 'Ocean World'.

SYD 7s is open to those in school year 7. Most of our members attend Sawston Village College but this is not a requirement, nor is being resident in the surrounding villages.

Historically we would launch in September and spend time working on theatre and performance skills before launching into a major production. This year we are launching in January and the long term plans are as yet to be decided.

Membership of SYD 7s costs £65 this year. This covers the cost of rehearsals, insurance, licencing, costumes and scenery. We hope to also feature in the Shelford Feast as a further performance opportunity, which will take place in July.